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Explore the hidden gems along the South West Edge: Your Ultimate 21-Day Road Trip Itinerary

December 2, 2023

Explore the hidden gems along the South West Edge: Your Ultimate 21-Day Road Trip Itinerary 

At RedSands Campers, we are passionate about creating unforgettable memories for our customers. We take pride in providing expert destination advice and sharing our extensive knowledge of this breathtaking country.

That’s why we’ve created an extraordinary 21-day road trip itinerary that will lead you along the South West Edge – undoubtedly the most beautiful and contrasting corner of Australia.

Embark on a scenic road trip that will lead you through picturesque wine regions, towering forests, and Australia’s most stunning coastlines, before you journey back through the historical Goldfields.

RedSands favourites

The South West Edge road trip itinerary is designed for our 4WD Campers and 4WD Prado vehicles. Our itinerary includes a range of travel tips including a selection of RedSands favourites when it comes to campsites, suggestions for fixed accommodation and where to treat yourself for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Your ultimate self-drive adventure

With a RedSands 4WD, you can experience that magical feeling of driving into the unknown, accessing remote locations and escaping the crowds. RedSands personalised service means you are never truly alone. With our 24-hour roadside assistance, you can enjoy your trip worry-free!

Wine and wildflowers?

Western Australia proudly hosts the most magnificent collection of wildflowers on Earth. The peak of the wildflower season in Australia’s South West occurs around October every year. The region holds over 8,000 species of wildflowers. Combined with the world-class vineyards in the Margaret River region, this wildflower hotspot is a must-visit. Click here to learn more about the Wildflower Season in West Australia.


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