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Wildflower Season in West Australia – 2023

July 28, 2023

Wildflower Season in West Australia – 2023  

Western Australia proudly hosts the most magnificent collection of wildflowers on Earth. With over 12,000 species of flora bursting into vibrant bloom each season, the State transforms into a botanical display like no other. 🌸🏵️💮A self-drive adventure is one of the best ways to experience this colourful spectacle, and the season is just about to kick off.   

The wildflower season typically lasts around six months, starting in June in the Pilbara region and gradually moving across the Golden Outback and along the Coral Coast. By September, you’ll find vibrant displays of wildflowers in Perth’s urban parks, including the beautiful Kings Park, home to over 3,000 wildflower species. The rolling hills of the Swan Valley also come alive with colourful blooms during this time. 


Wine and wildflowers?  

The peak of the wildflower season in Australia’s South West occurs in October. The region holds over 8,000 species of wildflowers. Combined with the world-class vineyards in the Margaret River region, this wildflower hotspot is a must-visit.  

You can continue your wildflower road trip by heading to Esperance, where the flowers bloom from September through November. We recommend doing one of the many trail walks in the area; it offers a perfect opportunity to discover the wildflowers by taking in breathtaking views from the lookouts you will pass. One of our Team’s favourites is the hike up East Mount Barren, in the Biodiversity Hotspot of the Fitzgerald River National Park. You won’t be disappointed!  


Where to find the wildflowers in 2023 

On the WA Visitor Centre website, you can find a complete overview of the Wildflower Seasons of WA and a list of the Wildflower regions and places you can add to your itinerary. Many towns celebrate the season’s peak and ‘everything that blooms’ with a Wildflower Festival. Please visit the WA Visitor website for locations and dates.  

Embark on a wildflower adventure and receive a complimentary WA Parks Pass 

The best way to experience the wildflower season is by hitting the road. Allow the wildflowers to guide you through stunning coastal routes and the historic towns of the Golden Outback. There are still vehicles available throughout the wildflower seasons. With our depots located in Broome, Darwin, Adelaide, and Perth, you have the flexibility to choose your starting point for your wildflower adventure. All new bookings for this wildflower season* will receive a free Western Australia National Park Pass on us!  

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*All new bookings commencing between the 1st of September 2023 and the 30th of November 2023.   

Wildflower hunting tips & rules 

  • Find a local wildflower enthusiast that can take you to all the hidden wildflower spots. Often, they have extensive knowledge about the widflowers in their region and are more than happy to share this with you.
  • Take a wildflower checklist and cross them off as you go. New to wildflower hunting? Consider taking a wildflower guide, so you can identify the most common wildflowers and go into a bit more detail.
  • Connect with other wildflower enthusiasts by downloading the WA Wildflower Tracker App. In the app, you will find an interactive map with all the recent sightings, plus you can submit your sightings to be included in the map.
  • Be sun smart and make sure to pack enough water for your hike.
  • Enjoy the wildflowers responsibly. Wildflowers are unique and protected. Observe, and take photos, but please do not pick the wildflowers. Picking wildflowers is illegal and can result in heavy fines.