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It started with the introduction, which was very detailed and informative. Nothing was missing from the equipment (kitchen, navigation, shower, air pressure pump). During the trip, the service and telephone support was quick and helpful in the event of a problem. The quality is excellent and has been praised by many others. Many thanks for an unforgettable trip of 7 weeks and 10,000 km around WA.

Martin -

Martin - Switzerland

RedSands is a company with extensive experience in providing top-quality and well-maintained vehicles and equipment. We recently travelled 8,500 kilometres in the Hilux with four people and were impressed with how comfortable and reliable it was. We would recommend RedSands Campers to anyone.

Peter Schoen –

Peter Schoen – Switzerland

A fantastic journey from Perth to Darwin! The provided vehicle was truly exceptional, with everything you could hope for on this type of trip through the Australian outback. Furthermore, the team is very friendly. I highly recommend a trip with RedSands.

Oli & Flo -

Oli & Flo - Les Bois – Switzerland

We booked a 4WD Rooftop Camper and enjoyed every moment with "Tim", the best buddy for this trip from Darwin to Perth. See you next time!

Claude Deuber –

Claude Deuber – Switzerland

This was easily one of the best trips of my life and the best experience I've ever had renting a car by far. Everybody at RedSands has been absolutely lovely. I was kind of anxious at first to spend that much money on a rental, but it was worth every cent! When I started planning this trip, I knew I would need a 4WD to visit some of the places I wanted to see, but I didn't really expect how much fun the driving itself would be. I really enjoyed how reliable the car felt and how much thought has obviously gone into the whole setup. I am also really grateful how quickly and uncomplicated my little problems could be solved by the team.

Julia -

Julia - Germany

At RedSands, personal customer care is very important. This goes from the first contact, over the vehicle handover, the care on your trip (fast response time and solutions) to the drop off. The vehicles (Toyota Hilux) are very well equipped and upgraded, you can see that a lot of considerations and own experiences have flowed in here. During my trip through Western Australia, travelling on every terrain (roads, gravel roads, rocks and beaches), I could fully rely on my 4WD camper. That made my trip a memorable experience.

Reto Zollinger -

Reto Zollinger - Switzerland

The best 4WD camper we’ve ever rented in Australia! The passion and love of the RedSands Campers crew for camping, reflects the clever and ingenious equipment with many useful gadgets. The reliably maintained car, including a built-in air compressor, ensures the desired safety on unsealed roads. The motivated and helpful staff were also top of the list. RedSands Campers - anytime again.

Stefan Sutter -

Stefan Sutter - Switzerland

Last year, we were travelling for 10 weeks from Darwin to Perth in 'Rose', the best camper ever! We hope she’s still fine and transporting tourists reliably from one place to another. We often tell Swiss people coming to Australia to hire one of your cars. They are really the best ones and even the Australian travellers we met often asked where this great camper was from.

Christina Waldis -

Christina Waldis - Switzerland

We had a lot of fun on the West Coast in November 2018, travelling over 5,000km with our RedSands Camper "Rowan". The service at the handover and acceptance was professional and uncomplicated. Equipment and reliability of the camper were excellent. We recommend RedSands Campers.

Robert and Christine Jung -

Robert and Christine Jung - Germany

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