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Your guide to Camping Power

November 27, 2023

Camping in a perfect way to switch off, get back to basics and explore Australia. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some creature comforts. Whilst it might be nice to switch off, it’s also convenient to have access to electricity to charge your phone or camera and/or drone batteries. But how does this work?

All our vehicles are set up with dual batteries and a customised power management system. With the USB charging points in the cab and in the kitchen of the canopy there is plenty of opportunity to charge your devices. Travelling our dual battery system, you can comfortably go ‘off grid’ for a couple of days without having to worry about flat batteries or warm beers. 

Have we lost you at customised power management system? 😕 Fear not, below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions (and answers) when it comes to accessing power whilst on the road.


How do I charge my phone?

RedSands 4WD Camper has numerous charging points for your accessories (phones, tablets, torches) within the cab and rear canopy, including 12v points and USB points. The points in the cab are operational when the vehicle engine is on, and the rear charging points in the canopy operate from the dual battery and can be used at any time, regardless if the engine is on or not.


Can I charge my laptop?

We recommend bringing an inverter to charge laptops and camera batteries. Alternatively, when 240v power is available, you can run power into the camper via the supplied power extension cord and charge your larger devices.  

Inverters are available for purchase at each of our depots. These inverters can power small devices such as laptops and camera batteries. Please always check that your device does not exceed the maximum wattage of the inverter. 


Do I need to bring lights?

All vehicles are supplied with several lights for illuminating the campsite. The rear lights on the canopy are also operated by remote control, which is attached to your keys. It is useful to take the keys up into the rooftop tent when retiring at night, so the campsite can be illuminated with ease. Of course, you are more than welcome to bring some additional lighting such as a headtorch or a lantern. 

No room left in your suitcase? Our good friends at Go Camping and Overlanding sell camping products of the highest quality. You can order any additional items through their website and we can arrange for the products to be ready in your vehicle on the day of pick-up. Just advise them at the time of purchase.   


Do I need to have access to a powered site when I camp?

No, the dual battery system recharges as you drive or via a solar panel, depending on your vehicle type. This gives you the ability to camp remotely or on unpowered sites. This provides more flexibility and freedom when choosing camp sites. 


How do I keep my food cold

Our campers include a quality fridge (40 L Engel) that will run off the dual-battery system. 


How long does the battery lasts?

When you’re camping, the lights in the canopy, the fridge and the USB points are operated by the second battery. This battery usually lasts for 2/3 days (depending on usage) before you have to start driving again, or alternatively, go to a powered campsite where you can plug the vehicle into the main power. Normally the battery will fully recharge after 3-4 hours of driving

Switching off, whilst staying switched on