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Information about bushfires in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia

January 6, 2020

We have received a number of recent messages from concerned clients about the possible impact that the horrendous fires in Eastern Australia may have on trips booked or planned in a RedSands Camper. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones, lost homes and the firefighters who have worked tirelessly for weeks on end to control these fires and saves lives. The impact on them will last for years, even decades and the healing process will be difficult. Adam Sands, our Managing Director spent 15 years as a volunteer firefighter, having watched homes burn and fellow firefighters perish. We feel deep personal sympathy for those affected.

We would like to reassure visitors that much of Australia, including Western Australia, Northern Territory and western/central South Australia remains largely unaffected by fire. Throughout the south-west of Western Australia there is one bushfire affecting visitation of the Stirling Range National Park (near Albany) and another near Balladonia, affecting travel between Western Australia and South Australia. There are also some controlled fires (including extinguished fires) in other National Parks, but they are currently not affecting any travel plans to these areas. Western Australia and the Northern Territory are lucky not to have been badly affected by this bushfire crisis and for that we are grateful.

There are some fires in South Australia near the Victorian border, and of course the devastating fire on Kangaroo Island. Authorities will not allow travel to Kangaroo Island whilst the fires still pose a risk. However, if you have been thinking of travelling to Kangaroo Island, we encourage you to still go – but only when it is safe again.

The best thing we can do to help these communities recover is to support them, which includes visiting and continuing to use local businesses which rely on tourism.

If you would like to know more about Western Australia, Northern Territory or South Australia’s bushfire warning system or would like to keep up to date with the latest information, then please refer to the table below. We also provide this information in our vehicles, so that clients can view the latest advice whilst on the road.

Australians are resilient folk. We help each other out when the ‘chips are down’, which has been proven time and time again when natural disasters like this unfold in front of our eyes. The charity, the donations, the giving of time has been evident. The Sands family has personally donated to supporting charities, including those rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife. RedSands Campers has also donated to the Australian Red Cross. If you would like to support those in need, this article from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation provides some great information on suitable charities.

Travel safe and please continue to support Australia.

The RedSands Team.

List of useful websites for bushfire warnings and National Park advice

Western Australia 
DFES Bushfire Warning System This page explains the different levels of fire warnings in Western Australia.
Western Australia Emergency Warnings and IncidentsThis interactive map displays all known fires in Western Australia. This includes prescribed burns and bushfires. To understand the different levels of fire warnings, please open the link above. The ‘Watch and Act’ and ‘Emergency Warning’ advices will affect travel plans. If a bushfire advice is issued then visitors should remain alert and check this map or local notice boards for any updates.
Park Alerts System An interactive map displays all warnings for National Parks in Western Australia. This includes park closures, park notifications and road closures in National Parks.
Northern Territory 
Northern Territory Fire Incident MapAn interactive map that displays all known fires in the Northern Territory.
Information on Northern Territory park closures Shows if parks in the Northern Territory are open.
South Australia 
South Australia Fire Danger RatingsExplains the different fire danger ratings for South Australia.
An interactive map that displays all known fires in South Australia.
South Australian Park Closures Lists any park closures in South Australia.
The best thing we can do to help these communities recover is to support them...