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Fuel your adventures with freshly brewed coffee

December 18, 2023

Fuel your adventures with freshly brewed coffee   

Are you a coffee lover? We’ve got some good news for you! We are excited to introduce a delightful addition to our camper kitchens – the Bialetti stovetop coffee maker (Moka Pot). 

The iconic brewer from Italy produces an espresso-style coffee and allows you to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine without any compromise. You can now create your own unique morning coffee ritual while enjoying the scenic views around you. Click here for more info on how the Bialetti works. 


Share Your #RedSandsBrew 

We invite you to share your coffee moments with us as you embark on your adventures. Use the hashtags #redandsbrew and #myredsandsadventure to let us be a part of your journey and catch a glimpse of your morning coffee ritual on the road.  




"Your daily dose of caffeine, without compromise"